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With its beauty and many opportunities, Canada is an attractive place to move to, work in, run a business, get an education or raise a family. Many of its regions like Abbotsford stand out for its beauty and lifestyle. Any new start in a new county can be daunting, and the process of moving to Canada can be long, complex and a bit confusing. An experienced immigration attorney can help smooth the way, answer questions and ease the uncertainty. Let an immigration attorney open doors for you in areas of:

  • Temporary residence
  • Work Permits
  • Permanent residence
  • Business immigration
  • Litigation

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Temporary Residence and Work Permits

An experienced immigration attorney can assist you with your initial application to visit, work permit application process, extensions and student visa application. From time to time, issues may arise with temporary residence or with work permits. If for some reason you are declared inadmissible to Canada, an attorney can help you secure a permit to enter the country for a specific time period. Other times, employers may need assistance with the work permit process, such as obtaining a labor market exemption letter or positive labor market opinion. Immigration attorneys also provide help with foreign student study permits and work permits.

Permanent Residence

The variety of provincial and federal programs in Canada can make is daunting for foreign nationals seeking permanent residence in the country. While you might qualify for one, you may not qualify for the others. Family-based immigration may be available for spouses, children and even grandparents. An attorney can help facilitate sponsorship. For those who do not qualify under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, humanitarian and compassionate grounds may be available. Help is also available for self-employed persons, skilled workers and Canadian Experience Class workers applying for permanent resident under the various programs. An attorney will assess your situation and determine which program is best suited to your needs. And if a criminal record impedes the process, an attorney will explore different ways to mitigate it.

Business Immigration

Attorneys help business owners through the business immigration process. They will consider your net worth, experience and desired location in Canada to help you determine your best option. Business investors in Canada need a strategic business immigration plan, and an attorney can assist in putting one together. They also assist skilled workers and self-employed workers navigating the complexities of applications.

Litigation Services

You may get a negative response to your application or no response at all. If you experience a lengthy delay or immigration refusal, you may have a remedy through litigation. There are a wide variety of litigation situations in which an attorney can represent you. You may have the right to an appeal for removal orders, loss of permanent residence, denial of family class and more. In addition, you can apply to the Federal Court of Canada to appeal decisions for a judicial review. And if your case has experienced undue delay, you can bring a suit against Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Get help if you’ve been detained and arrested. You’re entitled to a detention review before the Immigration Division within two days. If you’ve been deemed inadmissible to the country, you’re entitled to criminal rehabilitation. An attorney can explain the process and represent you at the rehabilitation hearing. And if you’re charged with not meeting your residency requirements, get help with legal representation.

Whether you are applying for a short-term visa, permanent residency, work permit or as a business immigrant, an experienced immigration attorney can help you navigate the process and solve problems as they arise. Get a “yes” to Canada with their expertise.