Permanent Residence Applications to Canada (Legal Help)

People in the United States may joke about moving to Canada if Donald Trump is elected president, but if you are truly looking to make Canada your permanent home there are some steps you need to take. People from all over the world look to move to Canada for everything this beautiful country has to offer its residents. Glorious scenery, friendly neighbors, amazing culture, and a higher than average median income are just a few of those important reasons that make Canada a wonderful place to call home. The sense of community and feelings of wellness that permeate the area is common knowledge among those that already live there. People embrace a healthy balance of their work lives, family, and play time to make up a fulfilling lifestyle that many people covet.

To apply for permanent residence you need to fill out specific applications. This will also depend on what kind of employment you are looking to have. In Abbotsford BC you can enlist in the help of a qualified immigration attorney with extensive experience in this process to make it all go much smoother without basic difficulties many people have. They will help you do all the applications the right way, making sure to “cross the t’s and dot all the i’s” in the best way possible. The last thing you want is to be turned down for residency in your new desired home in the Great White North.

The First Steps You Need to Take

So you want to move to British Columbia? If you are a skilled worker, or are a licensed healthcare professional, you are going to have a much easier time, because you can apply for an Express Entry Form. You will need to already have secured a job with a British Columbia organization. They can then sponsor you with a British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) from which will greatly speed up the process for permanent residency.

If you are a business person it’s possible to get sponsorship under the Business Immigrants Category. You must already have an established business enterprise that you are going to continue in the British Columbia area. The cost to apply this way is around $3000. It falls into three different categories, The Entrepreneur, Regional Entrepreneur, and Strategic Products Category. To find out if you quality it’s helpful to talk to an attorney like Gordon J. Dykstra in Abbotsford to find out how he can make this process go smoothly for you as you embark on your new journey living in British Columbia.

If You Are a Student

As a graduate or postgraduate student you can also apply for permanent residency under the BC PNP. It allows graduates of British Columbia secondary schools (University) to stay on in the country to find work. You must have already found a job in the area to qualify for this type of application. If you have a Masters or Doctorate degree you don’t have to have an established job to apply. They figure it will be easy enough for you to find work once you have residency here.

How Long Does Processing Take?

The Canadian processing to become a permanent resident takes a little time. It generally takes, for most people who have the right guidance with all the application forms, about six months to get approval for residency. For Express Entry it will take much less time, around eight weeks to gain the status you want to have as a new resident of Canada. Just be as patient as you can with the process, have the right assistance, and you’ll be on your way to residency sooner than you might think.