Disability Insurance Claims Lawyer (Consultations)

Disability affects a person emotionally, financially and socially. It takes such a toll on a person’s life, yet Canadian laws don’t clearly define what qualifies as a disability, making a person’s qualification puzzling. His or her might not beĀ for a clearly outlined reason. Fortunately, attorneys have the ability to fight for your rights to collect if the logic behind your denial doesn’t comply with the law. A law firm has the capabilities to assist you every step of the way to fill out paperwork and continue through the entire process until you get the results you deserve.

Disability insurance, referred to as a Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) in Abbotsford, BC, is available for those with a disability classified as both prolonged and severe. The condition has to prevent a person from being able to work at any job on a regular basis. You may be eligible for long-term or short-term benefits, depending on your condition. It’s for those who are disabled for 90 days or longer. In individuals who are younger than 55, the disability must last for multiple years. Younger individuals will experience an even more difficult time receiving disability.

It’s also possible to receive disability benefits through an employer. Receiving any type of benefits is oftentimes difficult and a fight. It’s important to have an attorney who will fight to get you what’s rightfully yours, especially since insurers and the government don’t want to have to pay you anything if they don’t absolutely have to. You don’t have to stand for that though when you have someone who knows the laws on your side to get you compensation. Even if you’re self-employed and paid into the system, you’re able to collect. Sometimes, this gets to be tricky since some self-employment jobs aren’t affected by a disability.

Worker’s compensation is another type of disability insurance. It’s a form paid to a person who in injured at work. Because it goes through an employer, it can be quite challenging to get, but not impossible when you have the right lawyer.

Disabilities can be for injuries, illness or even a mental health issue. You may opt for an individualized or a group policy. The amount you collect is based on how much you put into the system. It’s dependent on the type of policy you have and how much you paid into it. Generally, you get a percentage of what you used to make each month. You’re able to get both government and private disability insurance. However, the more you get from one, the less you’ll get from the other. Those who have lived outside of the country of Canada may be eligible for different insurance in the other countries he or she lived. If the total you receive isn’t enough to live off of, you may be able to collect addition benefits from a social safety net program to help cover living expenses.

You don’t qualify for the CPP if you live in Quebec, You’ll need to apply for the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP), which is very similar to the CPP. I know the laws regarding both the CPP and the QPP programs and am able to assist in both cases. If you lived in both areas, I have the ability to file on your behalf to either program and get you the financial compensation you need in order to survive.

When compensation is available to you, I want to make sure you get it. You and your family deserve to feel secure. I will aid with filing the claim, and I will deal with any issues that arise throughout the process. I even have the ability to file an appeal on your behalf. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.