Family Law Lawyer in Abbotsford (Consultation)

Obtaining family law legal services in Abbotsford, BC can be difficult for a variety of reasons. Mainly when the matters involve the family, many people’s heart and soul is at play, so much care needs to be considered. It’s not easy to dissolve a family, because sometimes things in life don’t go the way you have planned them to. No one sets out to create this beautiful union, only to have to part with it a few years later. It’s just a sad fact of life that your family might change in ways you haven’t expected.

Plus, the family justice system has changed considerably over the past few years with new laws and procedures to follow. So you need a highly qualified family law attorney who knows best how to navigate these procedures for you that for the most part involve divorce, and child custody decisions. Contentious family situations need to have attorneys that understand how difficult these times are for your family. Take some of the weight off your shoulders by having the best person possible on your side for your legal team.

Four New Pillars Of The Law In BC

There are four pillars of reform to take into account that relate to British Columbia law. This occurred back in 2010 with a total overall of the system.From the Attorney General’s office each pillar talks about a different part of the separation and divorce process. Basically it gets each party the information about divorce proceedings earlier, with better access to all parties in getting the right legal information, and helping the families who are going through the process deal with its difficult moments better.

It’s also meant to make the court process faster, and more centered on doing right by the families involved. The outcome should be a fair one for all the people going through it, especially young children who have little say in the matter at hand. Children during the divorce process need to be a number one priority, so that their well being is thought of first. Sometimes fighting over money and custody happens, so you want to make sure that your parenting agreement is going to be one that benefits your children in the right way. Deciding who is the primary guardian, parental time, and support issues are just a few factors that have to be agreed upon during the separation process.

Dispute resolution is a goal during a divorce that is sometimes hard to deal with. It can take a long time for two divorcing parties to agree. That’s’ where Family Mediation Services come into play to hopefully make the process more fair for everyone. There is also a new Mandatory Information Program (MIP) that can help educate the people divorcing on how the process affects them, and the children they have together. Some families need more services than others to get through a divorce properly.

Other Areas of a Family Law Practice

A skilled attorney is going to guide you through this difficult time with as much ease as possible. Family law services don’t just deal with divorce and child custody issues. They handle a wide variety of issues such as estate planning, prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, cohabitation agreements, common law relationships, and even facilitate adoptions. Any situation that involves the family unit can be handled by a family law attorney who is sensitive to these special matters.

So if you have a family law situation you need assistance with, call on Gordon J. Dykstra who has over 30 years of legal experience in these matters. Having someone who knows the in’s and out’s of all the newest legislation is going to make things go much smoother for you.