WCB Appeal Lawyer in Abbotsford, BC (Consultations)

If you have a WCB decision that you’d like to appeal, book a consultation with Gordon J. Dykstra – a WCB appeal lawyer in BC.

Gordon’s unique WCB legal services

You can book one or several 1-hour consultations with Gordon to discuss your WCB appeal matter (whether a review decision appeal or an appeal to the WCAT).

Gordon will go over your documents, deadlines, evidence, procedure and your options to help your appeal process.

PLEASE NOTE:  The WCB appeal process has stringent deadlines so the sooner you set up your consultation once you receive the decision, the more time you’ll be able to prepare your appeal after meeting with Gordon.

Low Cost WCB Appeal Legal Help

While Gordon doesn’t off to take on full conduct of your appeal, what he offers is a low-cost legal advice alternative where you can schedule consultations to discuss your WCB matter at your convenience.  He will assist with the following:

  • Paperwork preparation (i.e. he’ll review the materials you have and how to improve them)
  • Review Decision Reviews: Gordon can review the WCB decisions and provide feedback and your options to put forth the best appeal possible
  • Evidence suggestions: Evidence is an important part of the WCB appeal process.  Gordon can suggest the types and sources of evidence to include in your appeal including witness statements, medical documentation and any other evidence that may assist your appeal.
  • Paperwork review:  If you’ve prepared appeal forms for WCB but would like a lawyer to review it before you submit it to the WCB or WCAT, you can ask that Gordon review your submissions for feedback.

Why does Gordon offer consultation-only service?

Over the years Gordon has noticed that many people have no choice but to handle WCB matters on their own because they cannot afford to hire a lawyer to take full conduct of the matter.

Yet, many people have questions about the process, paperwork and evidence in order to put forth a strong appeal.

Gordon’s solution is to offer an inexpensive legal consultation service where you can get legal advice as you need it so that you have some legal guidance throughout the WCB process.

Contact Gordon today to schedule low-cost WCB consultations.  Call him at 604-853-4793.

Telephone consultations available (perfect for people located outside of Abbotsford).