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Practice Areas

Family Law Agreements

  • Marriage agreements
  • Co-habitation agreements
  • Separation agreements

Family Law Proceedings

  • Divorce proceedings
  • Custody proceedings
  • Separation of property proceedings
  • Pension and CPP divisions
  • Spousal maintenance (alimony)
  • Child support

Traffic Violations

  • Immediate Roadside Prohibition Appeals
  • Traffic/Speeding Ticket Appeals


  • Preparing Wills
  • Preparing Living Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Representation Agreements
  • Incapacity Applications


  • Appointment of Executors
  • Appointment of Administrators
  • Inheritance Distribution
  • Patient Property Applications
  • Guardianship Applications
  • CPP Death Benefit Applications

How Legal Consultations Can Help You with Your Legal Matters

Gordon-Dykstra-Abbotsford-Criminal-Defence-LawyerIf You Are Making or Defending Legal Claims or Making Agreements and Need Expert and Affordable Legal Help to Start or Go On, Call, Fax or Email

“Help Yourself to Justice”

Expert and Affordable Legal Help for do-it-yourself legal claimants in British Columbia.

  • Toll Free: at 1 877 753 4793
  • Telephone: at 604 853 4793
  • Fax: to 1 888 988 3122
  • Email: to Gordon@dykstralaw.com

Why We Help

In the digital age many persons can be their own lawyer. Legal process and legal forms are posted on line. All persons can find them and use them. But even though legal process and legal forms are on line not all persons will know what process and what forms need to be used or how and when to use them. “Help Yourself to Justice” aims to guide do-it-yourself claimants through that legal process. “Help Yourself to Justice” will only help you make those statements and complete those forms that are needed and which you are not able to make or do.

Do-it-yourself legal claimants mainly do it themselves because lawyers cost more than what most people can pay. There are many reasons for such high legal costs. The main reason for such high costs is that lawyers spend more time on the claim than what many claimants, in fact, need. Lawyers control and spend whatever time it takes to bring the claim to its end. The idea that lawyers need to do it all is out of date. It is an idea that has its roots in the time before all persons went to school and before the internet. Now anyone can make and pursue a legal claim. Doing-it-yourself keeps the claim in your control and keeps the cost down. But doing-it-yourself still needs some expert help from time to time and that is why “Help Yourself to Justice” offers legal help.

Why Legal Help Costs Are High

Legal help does not need to be so costly that only a few persons can pay it. Lawyers are costly because lawyers insist on control and they, or their help, do all that they think a claim or defence needs to process it through the courts. Lawyers are also too costly because lawyers charge for lots of time spent on tasks that almost any persons can do. Such tasks as calling others, emailing others, writing letters to others, looking at the file contents, travel to courts, and many other routine tasks can all be done by a do-it-yourself claimant. But a lawyer will charge their hourly rate, often in excess of $300.00 per hour or the hourly rate of their legal staff, often in excess of $75.00 per hour, for those same routine tasks that any person can do.

Many persons handling their own claims or their own defences are willing and able to pay for only those legal services that they need. But they are not willing or not able to pay for all the kinds of services lawyers sell. Lawyers still insist that they or their secretaries handle all the parts of a claim or defence. Lawyers take on the claims or defences and spend whatever time it takes and take whatever steps they think it needs. Much of the lawyer’s time is spent on routine tasks and travel. Of course, there are many persons who prefer to have a lawyer look after all of it. But it does not have to be that way. Most persons are able to look after most of their claims or defences themselves. They can do the routine stuff. They just need some expert help with some of the rules and some of the forms and some of the statements that are not routine and they need some advice from time to time.

“Help Yourself to Justice” can help persons who are handling their own claims or defences with taking only those steps in the process that really need expert help. The routine steps are still taken by the person handling their own claims and defences. Control and costs of making the claim stay in the hands of the do-it-yourself claimant. Routine tasks and travel to and from the courthouse can be done by the person claiming or defending. Only the awkward statements, the strange forms and some legal advice need to be done by legal experts. “Help Yourself to Justice” charges only for the legal help the do-it-yourself claimant really needs. “Help Yourself to Justice” cuts down the time needed from the expert and because time is money, expert legal help from “Help Yourself to Justice” costs much less and chances of success are greater.

Another Example

Think of do-it-yourself legal claims like looking after your car. A car needs cleaning, a car needs tire changes, a car needs checking, a car need waxing. None of these tasks need to be done by an expert mechanic. Anyone can do them. No one pays an expert mechanic their hourly rate to do routine car maintenance tasks. Almost all car owners look after those tasks themselves. It’s do-it-yourself maintenance. But when it comes to engine or body repairs an expert is needed. It is for that reason a car owner pays an expert mechanic for only the repairs that an owner cannot do.

Digital Changes the Law

In court process today, claims are made and pursued with words and forms that comply with the law. The same goes for agreements. Just about every kind of agreement has a form on line. Those words and forms are on line and are no longer known only by lawyers. Anyone can dial up any of them. All persons keyboard. All letters are now emails. All calls are now texts. All law is on line. Anyone can email, text or look up the law. Anyone can drive to the courthouse. The trick is to know what the do-it-yourself claimant needs and what is not needed. That’s where “Help Yourself to Justice” comes in. The lawyers at “Help Yourself to Justice” know what is needed to make and pursue a claim. The lawyers at “Help Yourself to Justice” know which forms of agreements are needed. But what is not needed from lawyers is the time spent on routine tasks and travel.

“Help Yourself to Justice” can and will help people who make their own claims in court to say the right things and fill in the right forms. “Help Yourself to Justice” will select the form you need for your agreement. “Help Yourself to Justice” will not charge for time spent on calls to others, on letters to others, on emails to others, on faxes to others, on file reviews, on research, on travel or on court time since “Help Yourself to Justice” will not do any of that. Those are the routine tasks that almost anyone can do. “Help Yourself to Justice” will only do what you ask for. “Help Yourself to Justice” will charge you for that time only. This limit to the help from “Help Yourself to Justice” will keep what you have to pay down to the amount for only those statements and those forms and those agreements that a do-it-yourself claimant really needs.

How We Help

If you are handling your own case be it a contract claim, a family claim, an injury claim, immigration problems, workers compensation claims, patents, trademarks or copyright, business agreements, family agreements or whatever, some help or advice is likely needed from time to time. “Help Yourself to Justice” provides that help. The way “Help Yourself to Justice” helps you is; that in an email or via fax you tell “Help Yourself to Justice” what your problem is in the same way that you would tell it to a lawyer in their office. You send that email to the “Help Yourself to Justice” email address or fax number and the “Help Yourself to Justice” expert will get back to you by email. You may be asked some questions to make your problem more clear. “Help Yourself to Justice” will let you know if they can help you. For a nominal fee “Help Yourself to Justice” can tell you what needs to be done or what needs to be said or what agreement needs to be made. If you then want “Help Yourself to Justice” to do it or say it or make the agreement, “Help Yourself to Justice” will quote you a fee for doing it or saying it or making it.

If you need to know what legal process tasks need to be done or what needs to done next or what needs to be said, and/or if you want “Help Yourself to Justice” to do it or say it, “Help Yourself to Justice” will tell you what it will cost. If you agree to pay that fee for the form that needs to be filled in or for the statement that needs to be said or the agreement that needs to be made, the form or statement will be emailed to you. And from there you can continue with the routine tasks. The fee can be paid from your credit account simply by calling “Help Yourself to Justice” Toll Free at 1 877 753 4793 or local at 604 853 4793 and the fees will be processed.

Who Helps You

“ Help Yourself to Justice” is staffed by a qualified British Columbia lawyer with over forty years of litigation experience. That lawyer is assisted by a secretary with over 30 years of legal office experience.

These limited legal services being offered to do-it-yourself claimants are restricted to claims made in the Province of British Columbia.


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