Traffic Violations Lawyer in Abbotsford (24 Hour/Speeding Tickets)

Book a consultation with long-time criminal defence and traffic violation lawyer, Gordon Dykstra, whose office is in Abbotsford, BC.

If your accused of a traffic violation and wish to appeal, Gordon offers an inexpensive legal consultation service during which you can discuss the dispute and appeal proceedings for any traffic matter including speeding tickets, 24 hour roadside prohibitions, DUI charges and any other traffic violation.

Gordon’s consultation service is designed to provide you a low-cost lawyer who can advise you with the traffic ticket dispute/appeal process.

Gordon can explain the legal process involved and discuss with you your available defences to the traffic violation for which you’ve received a ticket.

IMPORTANT:  The 24 hour roadside prohibition appeal process (ADPs and ARPs) have very tight deadlines for filing appeal paperwork so if you’ve been issued a 24 hour roadside prohibition ticket, please contact Gordon as soon as you can to meet with him before the appeal deadlines expire.

Traffic issues you can discuss with Gordon (very reasonable consultation fees):

You can consult with Gordon on the telephone or in-person.  He can review your paperwork and provide legal advice as to your options.

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